The Transmutation of the All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye is a phrase that we all know and for sure, whoever “embodies” the All Seeing Eye will have different names to us all. For me, it reminds me that God is watching everything and was something I was brought up with. It’s the same tactic my mother used to try and fear me into behaving when I was out playing. She used to tell me that the birds are watching me and they tell her everything I do.

The notion that we are being watched and there is a consequence is a common denominator amongst all of life and has been for millions of years. One benefit of the eye evolving is that organisms can see and develop a strategy from what it see’s. And the first thing that mammals see is their family and they are looking back. Continue reading “The Transmutation of the All Seeing Eye”

Thoughts for the New Year

The world is no different than that of dogs.

You might have been drawn in by “alternative media” thinking you were out witting the main stream who scare you…calm you …treat…reward it’s their reason to watch but it’s all the same the shabang. Common denominator is they love feeding us “ideas” another common denominator is we’re groomed for the psychopaths so ditch the news and knock on your neighbours door and ask them for news. Continue reading “Thoughts for the New Year”

The Power of Belief

Check out this video where it has been discovered that what you believe about stress can be the the difference between life and death. Again, more and more evidence that what you believe is important and that our bodies respond to our positive (and negative) attitudes.

My latest Thoughts on Placebos

I was recently asked to talk at the Ragged Talks and you can see the video here and it has got me thinking more about engaging with my ideas. I was encouraged by the way the talk went and was received and when a lovely lady who had ME for 25 years said to me “I feel so uplifted after your talk” I felt privileged to be the person that had that effect, yes that Placebo Effect. Well it got me thinking that not only can we self medicate with imaginary tablets but we can also medicate each other with encouragement and support. Continue reading “My latest Thoughts on Placebos”


Plastic platitudes fall like acid rain
that burn and destroy original form
Hung on agendas of barbed bent hooks
from the heart from which they’re torn

The evil cow of fortunes strike
embeds it’s gnarly ingrown nails
in devices of mind, heart and plot
glancing arrows that hint of fails

Lifes stab the final unrelenting blow
the straw that shatters with a crack
opening gulfs of flowing ice water
subduing, carrying and never coming back

To drown in silence that screams so loud
It’s torturous name the heart to attain
In washes of rivers of blood it spells
Your life your name your pain

The Promise

The shell on the handle glinted
Made by mother with pearls
Like sea that shimmers and sparkles
As she brushes her hair that curls

Writer with thought and clout
The scents and smells of books
Watering sweet gardenias
Mingling with wafts and looks

By night she opens the window
and brushes her hair to a tune
The hairbrush her mother had mended
that sparkles the light of the moon

As she walks her daily walkings
by rivers that pass her by
And looks at the light thats flowing
around and down from the sky

Its green she smiles and highly
remembers her promise to show
the SPARKLES! the glintings of love
that flow and flow and flow.

Flows life and light imbibing
Inside shall never divorce
Though the shell.. the alls well
flows and flows to the Source.

Operation Tell the Wife

I really got caught unaware by the Snowden saga and all of a sudden was remembering memories of my dad who worked for GCHQ in Hong Kong and for eight years up to the hand over. It brought back memories that I didn’t want and they all came flooding in. Whatever he hinted at in regards to spying I knew he wasn’t kidding and when we got drunk together once years ago we talked till the morning in his garage and he told me some amazing stories, stories that were like the movies and I envied how interesting a life he must have had. We grew up believing he was a tea boy in the canteen of the Listening Post he worked at. . He used to say that as soon as he can get out he would and he did. Continue reading “Operation Tell the Wife”