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Imaginary Tablets Can Have Limitless Placebo Effect

Could Placebo Cures Really Work?

Placebos really can work The answer to whether or not Placebo’s can cure is entirely subjective and can only be answered by personal experience using Placebos. It worked for me but as soon as I stopped taking them it stopped to work, and this seems to follow research’s experience with real Placebos. This, however is […]

Derek Howden talking about the Placebo Effect

My latest Thoughts on Placebos

I was recently asked to talk at the Ragged Talks and you can see the video here and it has got me thinking more about engaging with my ideas. I was encouraged by the way the talk went and was received and when a lovely lady who had ME for 25 years said to me “I […]

Ragged Talks on the Placebo Effect

My Talk at the Ragged Event

I was really pleased to be asked to talk at the Ragged Talks here in Edinburgh and it was a great evening where we shared some food and met some great people. First of all there was an interesting talk by Bob Redwater and his life experience as a poacher. Then we took a break […]


Plastic platitudes fall like acid rain that burn and destroy original form Hung on agendas of barbed bent hooks from the heart from which they’re torn The evil cow of fortunes strike embeds it’s gnarly ingrown nails in devices of mind, heart and plot diverting glancing arrows that hint of fails Lifes stab the final […]

The Promise

The shell on the handle glinted Made by mother with pearls Like sea that shimmers and sparkles As she brushes her hair that curls Writer with thought and clout The scents and smells of books Watering sweet gardenias Mingling with wafts and looks By night she opens the window and brushes her hair to a […]

James Vietch Howden

Operation Tell the Wife

I really got caught unaware by the Snowden saga and all of a sudden was remembering memories of my dad who worked for GCHQ in Hong Kong and for eight years worked up to the hand over. It brought back memories that I didn’t want and they all came flooding in. Whatever he hinted at in regards […]

Placebo Effect being used in hospitals

When I say the Placebo Effect it probably really isn’t widely thought of as that but the research that inspired Kiss it Better is a result of what the research into the Placebo Effect has taught us about the benefits of a good positive experience is in getting better. Check out the Pet therapy for patients […]

Placebo and Nocebo are different edges to the same sword

The Two Edged Sword of the Media

I was flicking through the headlines on today’s BBC news app when I got assaulted by the prospect of a higher risk to cancer with the smoothly spun “Men’s cancer risk ‘set to climb’” headline in today’s news from the BBC. This is the prelude to some evidence that the claim is true and believable. […]